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Coaching | Change Does Work


What is coaching?
Coaching is used to provide encouragement and guidance to individuals moving through a change process toward greater effectiveness and self-actualization. It’s used to tap the resourcefulness of people to arrive at creative solutions that bring fulfillment.
Our goal is to move you into awareness, alignment, and action. We accomplish this by partnering with you to explore opportunities and pinpoint resources to create an aww-inspiring future that maximizes your potential.

How is coaching different from other disciplines?
Although the term coaching gets thrown around loosely, it is not the same as consulting or therapy. The end goal of learning and growth is consistent with each profession however, therapy most often focuses on the past and healing whatever ails the client so they can move forward into the future with a positive outcome.
The emphasis of consulting is developing the “whole” organization usually by serving senior leaders in development or improving structures and systems. The consultant serves as the expert and offer solutions to problems. However, coaching focuses on dreams, goals, and purpose and the attention is on the client not the problem. The assumption is that the client is whole and capable.

Is coaching right for me?
Coaching will benefit you if need help articulating your vision, a fresh perspective on the challenges you’re facing, your work-life balance is out of alignment, you’re struggling with how to make change stick, you need to clarify your career path, you want to (re)gain your power or build confidence and find your voice.

What can I expect from coaching?
You can expect a partnership with a coach who enters into an intentional conscious relationship with you. In this process, we will call out your power, bring you into greater alignment with your values, help you break through limiting beliefs, empower you to make bold moves, hold your agenda, and help you expand the view and look at what’s possible.